Alive Fitness

Company - Alive Fitness is home to many successful independent personal trainers in Sherman Oaks and throughout the Los Angeles Area, known for providing the best personal training in Sherman Oaks.
Goal - To bring in more qualified leads for training and coaching programs and reach a lower cost per lead
Duration - 4 months


Problem Statement
The client's online presence was almost nonexistent and there was an urgent need for personal branding.


Our Strategy was divided into phases in which we tested different combinations of targeting to increase leads and lower CPL

The First Phase

Our team decided to run Facebook Lead Ads so that interested users can fill the lead form on Facebook without the need for a landing page.

The Second Phase

Leads acquired by the Facebook Lead Ads were pushed into the client's CRM to be nurtured by their sales team. Video and image ads were used as promotional material.

The Third Phase

We created multiple Ad sets with different target audiences. We also ran ad sets targeting the interests of famous Fitness trainers/coaches.


Once we gathered enough leads and clicks data, we created a lookalike ad set targeting 1% lookalike audience. Using the lookalike audience, cost per lead went down 50% compared to the interest-based ad sets. We also used targeting ads to those who opened but did not fill the lead form.

We were able to generate 846 high quality leads at a CPL of $8.05 for the client.

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